August 25th, 2008 – Los Angeles, California USA – Hollywood Bowl

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Information for Download 1:
Hollywood Bowl
Los Angeles, CA

Taped by XOR
CPC8>Edirol R-09>CDWave>AdobeAudition

Sorry about the wind. i wasn't aware of any motion, 
and wanted to keep the mics stealthy, hence no windscreens, and there are places
where i could have certainly used them. 
And the screaming teenage girls.
I don't even think they really meant it.
Share as you will.
This was my favourite Radiohead concert ever.

01 ñ intro
02 - Reckoner
03. Optimistic
04. There There
05. 15 Step
06. All I Need
07. Pyramid Song
08. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
09. The Gloaming
10. Videotape
11. Talk Show Host
12. Faust Arp
13. Tell Me Why (Neil Young Cover)
14. No Surprises
15. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
16. The Bends
17. The National Anthem
18. Nude
19. Bodysnatchers
20. (encore break)
21. House of Cards
22. Planet Telex
23. Go Slowly
24. Fake Plastic Trees
25. True Love Waits Intro/Everything In Its Right Place
26. (encore break 2)
27. Cymbal Rush
28. Karma Police
29. Idioteque

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691417148fc26da944b524e392ceec90 *2008.08.25_torrent\2008.08.25_12.flac
59879b6a458f6d1eee75565bb8a79a3d *2008.08.25_torrent\2008.08.25_13.flac
347e9dec0bcb61bb0b4b595e3143b896 *2008.08.25_torrent\2008.08.25_14.flac
76f87c616fb5410ad4f9adb540d028ea *2008.08.25_torrent\2008.08.25_15.flac
8c7c4b1870570c7631daf6a94bad8871 *2008.08.25_torrent\2008.08.25_16.flac
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ef3fabcd206431f4489b99e853c5f252 *2008.08.25_torrent\2008.08.25_19.flac
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e42cbc217bd14cdc9b211c4696ffcde7 *2008.08.25_torrent\2008.08.25_23.flac
e4f62b4d4dbcc6711fcdff392d4f90af *2008.08.25_torrent\2008.08.25_24.flac
350f8bb0f9195a574a776b98171fa4ce *2008.08.25_torrent\2008.08.25_25.flac
97ce0a4d84cf37f5e79f980944141027 *2008.08.25_torrent\2008.08.25_26.flac
44905e7af42c73994ce380f4b9f52def *2008.08.25_torrent\2008.08.25_27.flac
0c03dceecc1f2415a3cc308c64c91731 *2008.08.25_torrent\2008.08.25_28.flac
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Information for Download 2:

	Artist:			Radiohead
	Date:			August 25, 2008
	Location:		Hollywood Bowl, LA, CA
	Taper:			JB
	DC++ screenname:	radiohead8989
	date of seeding:	August 27, 2008
	Source Info:		>Edirol R9 (24bit/48kHz) (Line In)
				>Core Sound HEB (4060) (Bass Rolloff=ON)
				>Adobe Audition (3DB Amplify)
				>FLAC (level 8)
	additional info:	Recorded from Pool Circle, Right Side.
	running time:		2h:08m:38s
	Setlist:		01 Intro
				02 Reckoner
				03 Optimistic
				04 There There
				05 15 Step
				06 All I Need
				07 Pyramid Song
				08 Arpeggi
				09 The Gloaming
				10 Videotape
				11 Talk Show Host
				12 Faust Arp
				13 Tell Me Why (Neil Young Cover)
				14 No Surprises
				15 Jigsaw Falling Into Place
				16 The Bends
				17 The National Anthem
				18 Nude
				19 BodySnatchers
				20 Off Stage

				21 House Of Cards
				22 Planet Telex
				23 Go Slowly
				24 Fake Plastic Trees
				25 True Love Waits / Everything In It's Right Place
				26 Off Stage

				27 Cymbal Rush
				28 Karma Police
				29 Idioteque
This is a 24bit / 48KHZ recording.  My actual seat for this show was 4th row center, but the sound wasn't great there.  After Watching the opening band, I decided to try and move for Radiohead.  I moved to the back of Pool Circle, on the right side.  I was right in line with the main pa, about 9 rows from the stage.  Bass rolloff was on (on the battery box).

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