February 25th, 2010 – Cambridge, UK – Cambridge Corn Exchange

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Download 1 (minidisc FLAC)

Download 2 (1 track wav)

Download 3 (the 1 track wav -> split into tracks, FLAC)

Download 4 (FLAC Best Source Zane&Edgar)

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Text from Download 1
Thom Yorke ñ Cambridge Corn Exchange 25.2.10
Taped by: swintonboy at Dimeadozen

First off, this is not my best recording ever, but as there’s no others of it yet on dime yet I thought I’d share. There’s a bit of plastic glass hitting floor and one point where I moved at the end of Weird Fishes because of talking idiots and it’s recorded from my coat on the floor at the back of the venue with the mic strategically placed, because my usual stealth bag trick got foiled by security. It isn’t as bad as that sounds. It’s recorded using a Sharp minidisc in LP2 and a Sony microphone, then transferred to a Phillips CDR audio recorder and then converted to FLAC via EAC and FLAC Frontend via trackmarking in CD Wave Editor.

Do what you want with this as I’m sure there will be clearer recordings circulating soon.

'The Clock'
'The Eraser'
'Weird Fishes/Arpeggi'
'The Daily Mail'
'Pyramid Song'
'Harrowdown Hill'
'Lotus Flower'
'Give Up The Ghost'
'These Are My Twisted Words'
'I Froze Up'
'Like Spinning Plates'
'Black Swan'
'Cymbal Rush'
'Mouse Dog Bird'
'Atoms For Peace'
'True Love Waits'


Download 2 Info
Recorded by Piacoa
Downloaded from http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8NQIRBQA

Download 3 Info
Recorded by Piacoa
Split & FLAC'd by Trunks7
Downloaded from Media Fire 
Contains fixed FLAC tracks.


Download 4 Info
Thom Yorke
Corn Exchange
Cambridge, UK
February 25th, 2010

taper: Zane ( ricksimpsonjazz(at)hotmail(dot)com )
source: Zoom H2 (internal mics) @ 44.1 / 16-bit 
location: Mid Balcony Far Right
transfer: Card reader > Mac > Logic (Zane. track splitting only)

encoding: wav > FLAC - PC w/TLH (edgar. fades added to beginning and end of show only)

01. The Clock
02. The Eraser
03. Weird Fishes
04. The Daily Mail
05. Pyramid Song
06. Harrowdown Hill
07. Lotus Flower
08. Give Up The Ghost
09. These Are My Twisted Words
10. I Froze Up
11. Like Spinning Plates
12. Black Swan
13. Cymbal Rush
14. Videotape
15. Mouse Dog Bird
16. Reckoner
17. Airbag
18. Atoms For Peace
19. True Love Waits

Zane put the track marks at the end of each song as opposed to the beginning of the next 
so you can expect some loud audience noises to start songs out if you are skipping around. 
I wasn't going to paste the whole show back together again, just to re-split it and 
unfortunately by the time we got in contact, he had already made the splits. 

Regardless, he should be definitely be thanked for his efforts in both taping and sharing publicly 
what is ultimately the 1st complete, lossless source of this show to surface. 

compiled by edgar and zane February 27th, 2010


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